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5 Smart Steps on Student Debt

| February 15, 2017
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Five Smart Steps on Student Debt

Know What You Owe. View your federal loans on the National Student Loan Data System at This site does not include information on private loans. You should make a list of balance and interest rate details for each one you may have.

Refinance. If you are making your monthly payments, you may be able to reduce your total costs by refinancing through startups like SoFi, CommonBond and Earnest. Citizens Bank and Darien Rowayton Bank also offer refi’s.

Check Out Federal Options. Having trouble making the monthly payment on federal loans? Get details of plans that cap your monthly payment to a percentage of your income at Apply for these at Use the loan calculators on this site for helpful information.

Jawbone Private Lenders. If you’re having trouble making payments on private student loans, call the loan servicer and ask for relief. Some lenders offer loan modifications or interest rate reductions for struggling borrowers.

Get Legitimate Advice. Still confused? Get more information at and the National Consumer Law Center’s Student Loan Borrower Assistance Project: Both offer information and legal referrals.

Hope this provides some helpful resources and as always, I am happy to answer any questions you have.


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