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Fit Money: 7 Steps to Get Your Financial Life in Shape

Julia M. Carlson, our founder and CEO, is constantly seeking new ways to help inspire our clients and others to pursue abundance in all aspects of their lives.

Drawing from more than 18 years in the financial planning industry, Julia presents an easy-to-understand outline with step-by-step instructions for getting your financial life in shape. 

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Fit Money book by Julia Carlson

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7 Steps Featured in the Book

  • Step 1: Desire, Determination and Discipline
  • Step 2: Healthy Money Mindset
  • Step 3: Relationships and Money
  • Step 4: Proper Protection
  • Step 5: Fit Money Navigator
  • Step 6: Overcome the Debt Binge
  • Step 7: Plan and Invest for the Future

With real life examples and her approachable writing style, Julia explains how these 7 steps will help take the fear out of your finances, empower you to act and inspire you to pursue financial freedom.