2017 Outlook

Julia M. Carlson |

Everyday, clients ask me what they should expect in 2017. Should I be nervous, excited, scared, worried or hopeful? I respond with yes, all those things. The potential changes from a new administration could make planning for 2017 confusing; therefore, investors still need to be watchful. Rising interest rates, a new political landscape and potential foreign surprises are issues that need to be monitored. For 2017, proceeding with caution is a central theme among many experts. My goal is to provide clients and you, the reader, with guidance and support.

Economic prognosticator’s forecasts for 2017 are looking for economic growth. They are advising that the potential for some growth is here, but that we should not confuse these opportunities with a “just close your eyes and buy” mindset. While there is a bullish favoring for 2017, there is also a potential for downside risks. (Source: Fidelity Investments 12/28/16)

Experienced money managers are advising clients to prepare for a continuation of volatility in 2017. As an advisor, I attempt to carefully monitor market conditions and my client’s timeframes when deciding how to allocate their money. For now, investors need to expect and prepare for what could be an erratic year in both equity and debt markets. The movements of financial markets in 2016 reminded investors that it’s the nature of the markets to move up and down over the short-term and market volatility is inevitable. That is why it is essential for you to understand what your main financial goals and time horizons are and be invested accordingly.

Content in this material is for general information only and not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.

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