Pre/Post Retirement and Keeping Your Wealth 

  • A soon-to-be retiree looking for retirement income and distribution planning  
  • People looking forward to retirement and wanting more clarity with their retirement journey
  • Someone wanting a personalized portfolio and proactive monitoring of their investments
  • Individuals or couples needing a tax efficient distribution strategy
  • Retirees looking to manage their Social Security and Medicare options
  • Someone needing an analysis of their current estate plan and potential tax liabilities
  • A family wanting a facilitated legacy session to educate the next generation
  • A person suddenly faced with a life event such as divorce or death of a loved one

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Developing and Seeking Growth for Your Wealth

  • An individual starting a Roth IRA 
  • Someone looking to save money on taxes
  • Parents and grandparents saving for their offspring’s education
  • Someone needing assistance with the financial steps to take when changing jobs
  • A beneficiary of unexpected wealth

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Financial Services for Business Owners

  • A business owner wanting to minimize their tax liability
  • A company wanting to help their employees with their retirement plans
  • Helping a business owner transition into retirement

Business Services

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