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Who We Serve

No matter where you are in your life, we’re here to help you prepare and plan your financial future. Here are some examples of the people we serve: 

<span>Pre/Post Retire</span><span>es Wanting to Build and Protect Their Wealth</span>

Pre/Post Retirees Wanting to Build and Protect Their Wealth

  • A soon-to-be retiree looking for retirement income and distribution planning    
  • People looking forward to retirement and wanting more clarity with their retirement journey  
  • Someone wanting a personalized portfolio and proactive monitoring of their investments  
  • Individuals or couples needing a tax efficient distribution strategy  
  • Retirees looking to maximize their Social Security and Medicare options 
  • Someone needing an analysis of their current estate plan and potential tax liabilities  
  • A family wanting a facilitated legacy session to educate the next generation  
  • A person suddenly faced with a life event such as divorce or death of a loved one 
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<span>People </span><span>Developing and Growing Wealth</span>

People Developing and Growing Wealth

  • An individual starting a Roth IRA   
  • Someone looking to save money on taxes  
  • Parents and grandparents saving for their offspring’s education  
  • Someone needing assistance with the financial steps to take when changing jobs  
  • A beneficiary of unexpected wealth 
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<span data-contrast="none">Business Owners Needing Financial Services</span>

Business Owners Needing Financial Services

  • A business owner wanting to reduce their tax liability  
  • A company wanting to help their employees with their retirement plans 
  • Helping a business owner transition into retirement
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