Automated Advising

Julia M. Carlson |

I’ve heard a lot about online robo-advisors recently. What are these and should I be using an online automated advising program or a real advisor?

An online advisor, sometimes referred to as a robo-advisor, provides portfolio management advice without involving human financial planners. Starting to save for your financial future is an exciting time, and investment advice is important. However, if the cost structure keeps you away, or if you think your nest egg is not large enough to see a financial advisor, it may be better to start with an online automated advice platform. This approach may be appropriate if you are a busy independent person who simply wants to take advantage of professional investment management, but you don’t have complicated issues surrounding your financial life. It is also a great place to start the process of investing and wealth building. 

On the other hand, a professional financial advisor takes a comprehensive view of your unique situation and offers practical advice for your long-term strategy. They look at your overall financial picture and investment goals. Their expertise and experience give them access to a variety of tools that enables them to incorporate multiple planning ideas and look at ways to potentially reduce your taxes.

At Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group, we offer either approach, or even a combination of the two as your financial life changes. With our Automated Advising service, you get the intelligence of an online portfolio manager combined with personal assistance and support from a professional wealth advisor when you need it.

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