Happy New Year!

Julia Carlson |

With the new year comes a new opportunity for a fresh start and new resolutions. I find some people are big fans of New Year’s resolutions while others don’t give it a second thought. Why is that? Maybe they realize the trap of ‘feeling good’, in ‘dreaming big’, but then fail to take any meaningful action year after year, so why even try anymore? Over my 20 years of helping clients pursue and obtain their financial goals, I have discovered a few secrets and skills that make true and lasting change possible. Here are my thoughts of how to make your goals a reality and achieve success with your resolutions.

First, have a strong Desire, not just a resolution. Find a purposeful ‘why’ behind this desire and what you will gain from it. For example, it’s not enough to say I want to retire at age 62. This is simplistic and doesn’t have much meaning or emotion attached to it. A better goal would be - I will retire at 62 so I can have freedom in time and money. I will visit with my grandchildren, travel with my partner, go fishing with my friends and give my time, energy and money to worthy causes I believe in. This brings the goal alive and you can actually believe it is achievable. Your desire should be clearly written out and reflected upon daily. I like to place mine on the mirror in my bathroom.

Next is Determination. Determination is the dedication and acknowledgement of the commitment you’ve made to yourself. It’s the firmness of purpose in your desire. Your determination is what will force you to follow through on that commitment. It is about being intentional with the behavior and actions needed to make your desire a reality.

Lastly, Discipline. Discipline is taking the action you know is required to make things happen. Consistent actions then create momentum. One of the secrets to financial independence is creating momentum and staying consistent. For example, in order to accumulate the desired amount of money for your retirement, you may want to set up regular automatic contributions to your savings plan. This gives you confidence knowing you are doing everything necessary to pursue your desired goal.

Simple, but not easy. The good news is you can start this anytime not just in the new year. May your year bring abundance to you and your family!

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No strategy assures success or protects against loss. Investing involves risk including loss of principal.

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