Love & Money: A Couples’ Quiz for Financial Harmony

Julia Carlson |

This Valentine's Day, ditch the predictable and dive into a love language you may not have considered: finances! Yes, you heard that right. Grab your sweetheart and get ready to test your money knowledge about each other. Laugh, learn, and uncover just how in sync you are when it comes to the Benjamins, budgets, and building a future together. So, put down the roses, pour a glass of your favorite drink, and prepare to unleash your inner financial lovebirds.

To take this quiz, individually answer the questions below and compare with your partner at the end.

  1. What is our monthly household income?
  2. How much do we spend each month?
  3. How much debt do we have (student loans, mortgages, etc.)?
  4. Do we have a plan to pay off our debt? (Y/N)
  5. What's our main savings goal this year? (travel, dream house, etc.)
  6. Who typically initiates discussions about money? (You/Partner/Both)
  7. How often do we review our spending plan together? (weekly, monthly, rarely)
  8. What's our risk tolerance when it comes to investing? (high, medium, low)
  9. How important is retirement planning to us? (very, somewhat, not at all)
  10. Do we have a shared vision for the future (house, kids, travel)?
  11. How do we handle large financial decisions (new car, renovations)? (discuss, decide individually, compromise)
  12. What's our dream financial milestone as a couple? (early retirement, passive income, zero debt, paying for kid’s college, etc.)

Compare your answers, talk about any surprises, and celebrate your similarities!


Financial Harmony: 6+ matching answers = You're in financial harmony like a well-tuned symphony! Keep that open communication flowing.

Bump in the Road: 3-5 matches = There's room for growth! Discuss any differences honestly and collaboratively find solutions that work for both of you.

Love Requires Work: 1-2 matches = Time to dive deeper! Schedule regular financial discussions, explore resources together, and build a solid financial foundation as a team.

Remember, this is just a starting point. The most valuable outcome is open communication, mutual respect, and a joint commitment to building a financially secure and happy future together. So, keep the love and laughs flowing, and remember – finances might not be roses and chocolates, but with teamwork and understanding, they can be the foundation of a truly sweet relationship!

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