Is Now a Good Time to Invest?

Julia Carlson |

I thought I would address a great question I am frequently asked. “Julia, is now a good time to invest? We are near all-time highs in the stock market and I am just worried I will invest my money and then everything will go down and I’ll lose everything.” I typically reply with a wisecrack remark like, “Yes, that is exactly what is going to happen.” All joking aside, let’s look at the facts. The current bull market that started back in March 2009 is now officially the longest running bull market ever – topping the duration of the bull from the 1990s. Investors have shown conviction in U.S. stocks since the lows more than nine years ago, focusing on the growth of corporate profits and the strong economy to sustain this bull market.

By the way, a bull market is defined as a period of several months or years during which asset prices are consistently rising. To mark the end of a bull market a 20% decline in the S & P 500 Index typically needs to happen. With several economic indicators pointing to continued growth and more fuel left in the tank for this bull market rally, I urge new investors to proceed with caution and in line with your individual risk tolerance and timelines. Understanding how the market works and your own personal financial goals is important in deciding when to invest. If your time frame is less than 3 years, I would advise against it unless you understand and are willing to accept the risk of losing money. If you’re saving for retirement or the longer term (3+ years out) then I would encourage you to invest with diversification and go for it!

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