This Too Shall Pass

Julia Carlson |

The beginning of 2020 has been quite a ride so far.  How is everyone doing staying home and slowing the pace of life?  As we hunker down in our homes, working remotely, figuring out the new normal, we may feel all sorts of fearful emotions.  Worry. Anxiety. Uncertainty. Boredom.  I have experienced all these emotions, but I also know these emotions won’t serve me, my family or my future.

There are a lot of things surrounding COVID 19 that we cannot control but there are also things we can. Choosing our thoughts and actions wisely is critical to thriving on the other side of this.  It may feel like a dark, long winter now, but we know that spring will follow.  Just like the seasons, every bear market and recession has been followed by a bull market and a time of expansion.

Let’s collectively look forward to this next season that will come.  How do we do this? The good news is we have lots of time to consider and discover the resourcefulness that lies within each of us.  My kids are a great example of this.  Are they bored?  Yes.  Do they want friends to play?  Yes, but they have accepted that is not happening right now.  They have shifted to being more creative, they are painting, coloring, making things in the woods, and building imaginations they have dreamed of in their minds.  I have seen this unleash their spirits which has given them energy and a positive outlook.  We can do this too.  Shake up your routine, get into nature, go for a walk outside barefoot, notice the spring flowers starting to arrive, doodle and journal about this experience. 

It’s my job to follow the economy and markets BUT we don’t have the news streaming in our home, we do talk about the current events each day.  Did you hear the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has postponed the 2019 federal income tax filing and payment deadline until July 15, 2020? 

Control what you can control.  We are choosing not to obsess, stress and worry about the future.

Look for the positive, be grateful for this time to spend with loved ones, embrace technology if you are alone, connect with friends and family through video options.  Be kind to each other.  Act now that will prepare your next season to flourish and thrive because this winder will end.  I wish you peace and good health.

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