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FFWMG Webinars

Post-Election Year-End Financial Planning Webinar - With election day behind us, Julia Carlson, Founder and CEO and David J. Wright (DJ), Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor will go over year end tax planning strategies, provide a market update and review charitable giving opportunities. 

November 11th 2020

Oregon PERS & ​Your Retirement Strategy - Join Julia M. Carlson, CEO and Founder of Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group, and Jason Harris CFP®, Vice President, as they walk you through an overview of Oregon PERS and how it fits into your retirement strategy.

October 14th 2020

Pre-Election Financial Planning Webinar - Julia will be discussing how the results of the 2020 Election may impact your investments and tax planning. She will provide a detailed review of tax policy proposals from both major party candidates, as well as planning ideas and charitable giving strategies for either administration.

October 7th 2020

Medicare and Market Update - Chandran Rajaratnam, President of Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group, will guide you through Medicare and Medicare approved plans from private insurers. In addition, our Vice President, Jason Harris, and one of our Wealth Advisors, DJ Wright will provide a market update in preparation for the election.

September 9th 2020

Principles of Long-Term Investing - Discover key principles that will help you invest with resilience during a time when negative marketing headlines can create panic, and investing has become increasingly complex.

August 12th 2020

Estate Planning 101 - Discover the Basic Elements of an Estate Plan and Why You Should Have One

July 8th 2020

Take Control of Your Money & Pursue Financial Freedom - Basics of Personal Finance & Money Management

June 10th 2020

2020 Spring Webinar 3 - Market Update & Retirement Planning Considerations

May 11th 2020

2020 Spring Webinar 2 - Market Update & The SECURE Act 

April 21st 2020

2020 Spring Webinar 1 - Market Update & Our Investment Strategy

April 8th 2020

Take Control of Your Money 

Julia Carlson & DJ Wright May 21st 2019


Investing For Your Future 

Julia Carlson & DJ Wright July 16th 2019