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FFWMG Webinars

2021 LPL Market Mid-Year Outlook With Special Guest Ryan Detrick, CMT

The U.S. stock market was supported by tremendous fiscal stimulus in 2020 and into 2021, but what about the future? Should we be concerned about inflation and rising interest rates? And what impact will the post-COVID reopening have on our economy?

Julia M. Carlson and DJ Wright welcomed Ryan Detrick, Senior Vice President and Chief Market Strategist of LPL Financial LLC to give us his view on the markets

July 20th 2021

Revealing The Retirement Trifecta

Can you really “have it all” when it comes to retirement planning? Yes, but this type of successful planning requires a strategy.

Join Julia M. Carlson, CEO and Founder of Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group and DJ Wright, Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager, as they Reveal The Retirement Trifecta with proactive accumulation, tax efficient distribution, and smart investment strategies. 

June 9th 2021

Financial Tips For Your 20s And 30s

Personal finance goals are different when you’re in your 20s and 30s. While your parents are focused on managing retirement, you may be navigating the challenges of paying off education debt, establishing yourself in a new career, buying a home, starting a family, or any combination of these.

You may think that you have all the time in the world to set up a financial strategy, but time goes by more quickly than you expect. So where do you begin? Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor, DJ Wright and Wealth Advisor, Edgar Villegas discuss what you can do now to set the stage for a comfortable financial future.

May 12th 2021

Long-Term Care - What is it? Why do you need it?

As we get to the last third of our lives, the priorities that we need to take care of change. One of the key items is preparing for potential long-term care needs. Most people will need some type of long-term care services in their lifetime, ranging from in-home care to skilled nursing facilities.

Watch our Long-Term Care webinar where our long-term care specialist and Wealth Advisor, Catherine Valega, and Vice President and Wealth Advisor, Jason Harris, will lead this very important discussion.

April 14th 2021

Social Security - 

On March 10, Chandran Rajaratnam, President of Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group, talked through Social Security topics such as, how retirement benefits are calculated, tax considerations, and options for married couples and divorcees. In addition, our Portfolio Manager, DJ Wright provided a market update in preparation for the economy to reopen. 

March 10th 2021

International Women's Day - Women Empowering Women - 

In honor of International Women's Day Julia M. Carlson, AIF® CEO and Founder, and Catherine Valega, CFP®, CAIA of Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group, will be hosting a webinar dedicated to helping women build financial confidence.

Financial success is a goal for many, but women face unique barriers that can make that goal more difficult to achieve. Understanding today’s financial landscape can help women rise to the challenge, know their worth, and take control of their futures.

While we can’t create economic equality overnight, we can help make sure every woman is fully equipped, supported, and prepared to pursue her own unique goals. Let’s get to work, together.

Share this Webinar with all the amazing women in your life!

March 8th 2021

Talk Money With Your Honey -

In February, we are encouraged to celebrated love and relationships. What could possibly disrupt our feelings of love? Money. When we talk about money in relationships of any kind, we’re bound to find some frustration and tension. But it doesn't have to be that way! 

Join Julia M. Carlson, AIF®, CEO and Founder, and Jason H. Harris, CFP®, Vice President, as they walk you through how to have open and honest money conversations with your partner. Having regular financial dates can help you build a money plan together and create systems to harness the power of each other’s strengths.

Plus, we have a few tips for those talking money without a partner. Everyone’s welcome to join in and learn!

February 10th 2021

Market Update and Tax Planning - Julia M. Carlson, CEO and Founder, Chandran Rajaratnam, President, and Jason H. Harris, CFP®, Vice President, hosted our first educational webinar of the year. They shared an exciting announcement about our new east coast location, introduced our new team members, provided a market update, and discussed tax planning.

January 13th 2021

Your Love Letter For a Lasting Legacy - Coping with the death or the disability of a loved one is difficult. Join Julia M. Carlson, CEO and Founder, and guest Reverend Holli E. Rajaratnam, Ordained Ministerial Counselor, as they discuss why a love story has more ability to heal and connect us than a financial story ever could. During the Webinar, they will share how writing a Love Letter could help your loved ones heal after you are gone and continue your legacy.

Please visit our Resources Page to learn more about how to write a love letter that could help your loved ones heal after you are gone and continue your legacy.

December 9th 2020

Post-Election Year-End Financial Planning Webinar - With election day behind us, Julia Carlson, Founder and CEO and David J. Wright (DJ), Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor will go over year end tax planning strategies, provide a market update and review charitable giving opportunities. 

November 11th 2020

Oregon PERS & ​Your Retirement Strategy - Join Julia M. Carlson, CEO and Founder of Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group, and Jason Harris CFP®, Vice President, as they walk you through an overview of Oregon PERS and how it fits into your retirement strategy.

October 14th 2020

Pre-Election Financial Planning Webinar - Julia will be discussing how the results of the 2020 Election may impact your investments and tax planning. She will provide a detailed review of tax policy proposals from both major party candidates, as well as planning ideas and charitable giving strategies for either administration.

October 7th 2020

Medicare and Market Update - Chandran Rajaratnam, President of Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group, will guide you through Medicare and Medicare approved plans from private insurers. In addition, our Vice President, Jason Harris, and one of our Wealth Advisors, DJ Wright will provide a market update in preparation for the election.

September 9th 2020

Principles of Long-Term Investing - Discover key principles that will help you invest with resilience during a time when negative marketing headlines can create panic, and investing has become increasingly complex.

August 12th 2020

Estate Planning 101 - Discover the Basic Elements of an Estate Plan and Why You Should Have One

July 8th 2020

Take Control of Your Money & Pursue Financial Freedom - Basics of Personal Finance & Money Management

June 10th 2020

2020 Spring Webinar 3 - Market Update & Retirement Planning Considerations

May 11th 2020

2020 Spring Webinar 2 - Market Update & The SECURE Act 

April 21st 2020

2020 Spring Webinar 1 - Market Update & Our Investment Strategy

April 8th 2020

Take Control of Your Money 

Julia Carlson & DJ Wright May 21st 2019


Investing For Your Future 

Julia Carlson & DJ Wright July 16th 2019